Join us on May 17th…

change the world

On May 17, 2011, Judah Hailu was no longer an orphan and forever my brother! I can’t imagine my family without this sweet and silly little boy. As we celebrate 3 years later, I would like to invite our friends, family, and other families around the world to participate in “Lemonade for the Least of These” on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Kids, all you have to do is get your parents to help you set up a simple lemonade stand on May 17th. All the proceeds will go to help Hannah’s Hope-Ethiopia, the amazing orphan transition home where my brother lived when he was a baby. I went to Ethiopia on a mission trip last summer and playing with the kids at Hannah’s Hope was my favorite part of the trip.

Maybe you can raise $10… maybe you can raise $100… maybe together we can raise $10,000!!!! No matter the number, we are doing something to help some really amazing children at Hannah’s Hope, and more importantly, glorifying Jesus Christ by caring for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40)!

Please join me and my brothers and set up your lemonade stand on Saturday, May 17th!!! Go ahead and tell your parents to mark their calendar for this fun and easy event 🙂

Oh, and please help me spread the word!



4 thoughts on “Join us on May 17th…

  1. How precious are you?!? What a fabulous idea!! We are actually having a garage sale that day so it wld be perfect for us to add a lemonade stand!

    1. Hi, Gene. Thanks for checking back. We still have kids sending in proceeds from their stands, but at last check, collectively kids have raised $8,059.25 for Hannah’s Hope. Can you believe that? We are blown away!!! Way to go kids!

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